12th Planet

John Dadzie, the man who created the dubstep slinging terror 12th Planet, was introduced to the electronic music scene at a young age; a high school student at the time. The now thirty-five year old started off a venture called Imperial Records with cohort DJ Lith, as his first foray into that world as an artist. This was not to be, as he subsequently launched his own project in 2006, which would initiate the soft flowing lore behind the splendid bass spectacle that is 12th Planet. John resides (on occasion) in Los Angeles, and also has an alias, Infiltrata, through which he produces drum and bass tunes.

According to an entry on everipedia.org he has been heralded as “the godfather of american dubstep,” and “the american dubstep king,” titles he has undoubtedly earned. As a prolific and consistent force in the scene over the last nine years he’s put out seventeen EPs, along with numerous singles and remixes. He’s collaborated with basically everyone; Skrillex, SPL, Antiserum, Virtual Riot, Plastician, Protohype, Megalodon, Zomboy, Datsik, Dodge & Fuski, Dubloadz, Getter, Skream, LOUDPVCK, LUMBERJVCK (lol so intense), Kill The Noise; and his music is constantly popping up in fellow heavyweights’ sets. Skrillex even referred to 12th Planet as his mentor one time at Ultra Music Festival. He has recently joined the ranks of Disciple Records.

Check out my YouTube channel tonight for Freak Fridays Episode Twelve featuring 12th Planet!





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