Doctor P

Today I’ll be providing brief insight into the career of esteemed electronic producer, and Circus Records co-founder, Shaun Brockhurst, who performs as Doctor P. The thirty-one year old is perhaps not as well known to people from the states as his conspirator Joshua Steele; Flux Pavilion; but has a slew of cult classic dubstep choons, which have distinguished him as a premium product producer in the global dubstep arena. He’s also known for having produced drum and bass under the pseudonyms Sounds Destructive, Picto, and Slum Dogz.

This goofy fella has chosen to release singles rather than EPs or LPs, and that’s totally fine because he specializes in absurd bangers, and possibly doesn’t have the artistic range to create anything reflecting any real emotional depth (sorry, bro). But that isn’t even really a dis because, rather than inhibiting him, this has only added to his success. Plus he’s probably pretty busy at Circus Records, there. Check out the number of views on these YouTube uploads of his (Most popular to least popular — though the least popular is still well over a million views).

These are also strictly original tracks. For a complete list of his exemplary remixes check out his wiki.

Check my channel tonight for the latest episode of Freak Fridays. I’ll be having a nice sit-down chat on Doctor P while consuming a malt liquor beverage.




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