You know, I’ve done Datsik, I’ve just done Excision, but it seems like there’s somebody missing. In all of Canadia there are but a few who deserve similar recognition, and perhaps the most deserving is the “ruthless DJ and brutal bass slayer known as DOWNLINK” (quote from mix). The dude’s real name is Sean Casavant. Care to guess where’s he’s from? Oh, God, it’s Kelowna, British Columbia. There must have been a toxic waste leak or something because these three Kelowna bros have a bit of a bass monopoly up there in maple country.

Though he has a minuscule following when compared to his bros Datsik and Excision (a mere 107k Soundcloud followers); Datsik – 3.8m; Excision – 447k; he has shown dedicated bass music connoisseurs enough to hold their interest. His first release was in 2009, and he has yet to create an album, but recent releases “Bass War” and “Mosh Pit” are some of the highest quality tracks in his niche area of the genre.

And ummmm, yeah, also one third of the alien bass invaders Destroid, which is basically the coolest thing of all time. I nearly pooped my pants in 2014 at Camp Bisco to make sure I saw them.

Check out my Youtube channel tonight for a new kind of Freak Friday!



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