Last week I featured the best collaborations of Datsik & Excision on my Youtube channel. The two are Canadian legends that continue to produce at a high (and high quality) rate. I’d like to do a thorough profile of the man behind the moniker Excision.

Jeff Abel is the name of the specter before your eyes, and he was born in the same town as that Datsik guy; Kelowna, British Columbia. He’s been a standard in the scene since 2007 when he made his first release, but didn’t truly become a renowned artist until 2011 when he released his track “X-Rated” on Deadmau5′ label Mau5trap. Since then he has blasted eardrums, and induced the skull cracking of a drove of fans with the likes of Datsik, Downlink, Bassnectar, Far Too Loud, and Space Laces contributing to the mayhem. Oh, yeah, he’s also a part of the super-group Destroid; a live analog concoction consisting of Downlink, KJ Sawka (of Pendulum), and himself.

He released his latest work, a sixteen track LP entitled Virus, at the end of last year, and has since brought his act around North America. His show, highlighted by his absurdly behemoth interactive light stage, is sure to blow you away. Back in 2012 he championed his 100,000 watts of PK sound, but in 2013 he upped the ante bringing a brain eviscerating 250,000 watt sound system, though something about the logistics of this must have been impractical because in 2014 he started using a 150k watt system; I’ve attached a 2013 video with the 250k system; his stage back then was still no joke; skip to 2:00 to watch. His most recent tour was named after his track “The Paradox,” a track off Virus that truly showcases the apocalyptic sound and experience Headbangers (Excision fans) have come to expect.



Perhaps the most exciting thing that he’s done to date is nearly here, though. On September 29th the first Lost Lands Festival, a dinosaur themed festival Jeff dreamed up, will be kicking off featuring perhaps the most ridiculous lineup I’ve ever seen.

Stay tuned for another post soon!



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