Troy Beetles is a twenty-nine year old from Kelowna, British Columbia. He is perhaps the catalyst for the explosion of the electronic music scene in North America. An early and prolific producer, Beetles released his first track in 2009. He gleaned his moniker from his Xbox gamer-tag, and has since taken his act around the world.

He has only two studio albums to date; Vitamin D (2012), and Let It Burn (2013). He released them on his own label Firepower Records, which he founded in 2012. However, he has released a slew of singles, and EPs. His most recent release is his EP Sensei, which came out at the beginning of this year. He’s collaborated with Snoop Dogg, Lana Del Rey, The Crystal Method, Wu-Tang Clan, Nosia, Diplo, Excision, Bassnectar, Protohype, Barely Alive and Virtual Riot, among others.

Beetles latest endeavor is the Bass House duo Ephwurd, which he started up with friend and contemporary Bais Haus, who was featured on his Let It Burn LP. The side project hasn’t picked up much steam yet, but is possibly an allusion to the future of his musical ambitions. He’s still performing as Datsik as well, having just finished up a tour. Ephwurd has been on tour the past couple of months, (and will continue until September), so ninjas, (as Datsik fans have been dubbed), will be kept waiting a bit longer for that “dark and robotic” style Beetles’ original moniker unleashes. That is, unless you’re seeing him at Webster Hall in NYC on Friday night.

The only time I’ve seen Datsik was in Pittsburgh in 2014. He was rocking “the vortex” back then; a sort of dome that fits that swoops up over Troy and his decks, and projects various light patterns. He started calling his tour the “Ninja Nation Tour” in 2015, and,  with the release of his new Sensei EP, he’s started performing dressed as Raiden from Mortal Kombat.

Check out my Facebook page, or Youtube Channel late Thursday night for a brand spankin’ new edition of Freak Fridays. I’ll be featuring a carefully curated, though brief, playlist of my favorite Datsik tracks.


Humbly yours,



P.S.: There are so many good pictures of this guy. Like his Soundcloud profile picture for instance. Sorry to be crass, but it appears Beetles has just soiled himself, and is in the process of sliding off his pants.

Oh, Datsik, you devilishly dark dirty dubstep duty deliverer.


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