The Prodigy

The Prodigy emerged during the 90s as a premier British electronica group. The group is four members strong when including their producer; Liam Howlett. Howlett is given a lot of credit for The Prodigy’s incredible leap to the top of the music charts. The other members of the group are Keith Flint, Leeroy Thornhill, and Maxim. They hail from Braintree, Essex.

(From Left to Right) Maxim, Flinty, Thornhill

According to they’ve created a “live experience” that resembled the “original atmosphere of the British rave scene even while leaning uncomfortably close to arena rock showmanship and punk theatrics.” They chose to set the focus on their front-man Keith Flint, which paid off; what with multiple piercings in his face, habitual extreme hairstyles, and mascara-laden eyelids.

Flinty is an absolute nut!

The Prodigy was my first exposure to electronica. My brother had just come home from a Blink 182 show, and he happened upon someone selling Prodigy’s Fat of the Land on tape. I was only nine years old, but I listened to that thing over and over. The completely foreign sounds and rhythms won me over. It was my pleasure to show this music to others, and weird them out. I remember one track in particular having the biggest weird factor, though I am in love with every track on both sides of the tape. It was “Narayan,” a kind of a creepy industrial trance track.

They are on of the most prolific groups, but only because of the amount of time they’ve been together. Their work isn’t rushed. They create a genuinely different project with each release; working ceaselessly until they have perfected their sound. They’ve released six studio albums, which all reached number one on the UK charts (Fat of the Land was number one in nine countries and second in another).

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