Old School Dubstep

Hey y’all!

The first electronic music that got me into that kind of music again was Bassnectar, but there was a growing predominantly UK genre that kept the bass coming in full force; dubstep. The accentuated two-kick characteristic that lends itself to the official name has a swagger that entranced me immediately. I was on a search for any and all dubstep. The search intensified after the summer before my sophomore year of college when I came across Rusko and Caspa via Youtube. Grooveshark was also a big site at the time.

I also found out about Noah D. He was one of the guys that popped up on iTunes when I was searching for dubstep. He’s definitely one of the most underrated dubstep guys from before 2010.


Rusko has stomach cancer, and is undergoing chemotherapy. I hope he can pull through because he has been a major inspiration to me, and to so many others. His remix of “Pro Nails” by Kid Sister was the first dubstep track that I ever heard. Rusko started adding different layers of sound into his tracks before his contemporaries. He’d add higher register synths, and even have the bass move into upper registers of frequency. His track “Hammertime” made me destroy my phone via aggressive slide.

Benga was another incredible artist. I remember enjoying the maniacally squeaky wobbles that are contained in his tracks with all of my close friends at the time, and the magic that that held. I feel like Benga and Coki are even more of OGs than Rusko and Caspa. They perfected a style of dubstep that seems most authentic to the brand of that genre. Caspa added a more savage bass element into the mix, which is the way that Emalkay would go as well, but Emalkay is able to create a unique style with the types of sounds he uses.

Flux Pavilion was another big one back then. His remix of DJ Fresh’s “Gold Dust” is an immortal choon at this point. Flux was similar to Rusko in his sound in that he would go into the higher registers a lot, but it was also a poppier and catchier sound that would bring dubstep to the masses.


Tune into tonight for the fourth episode of Freak Fridays! I’ll have a smorgasbord of the aforementioned artists aligned for your ears! The video will be posted on my Facebook page, and on my Youtube channel by 8:00 PM EST this evening.




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