Hey y’all,

This week I’m comin’ at ya with new content featuring REZZ. She just launched her world tour for her new, and first LP Mass Manipulation. The album can be pre-ordered on numerous platforms, and will be released August 4th. A mere 17 hours ago she released the track “Diluted Brains,” a track that has a melody that “makes [Isabelle] cry on the inside a bit” because of the deep resonance that it has with her.

REZZ is the creation of Isabelle Rezazadeh from Niagara Falls, Ontario. In high school she was a track and field athlete, which aided her in running around to numerous shows where she became infatuated with the scene.

She only started producing music in November of 2013, but her work ethic (14 hours a day) has turned her into a major contender in the world of electronic music. She has been lucky enough to catch the attention of Deadmau5 (aka Joel the troll), and has released music through his label Mau5trap since 2016.

Isabelle’s theme for her live show is hypnosis.  She wears hypnotic spiral, LED laden glasses that change color, and can turn on and off in various patterns.  This is especially evident with her new LP, which features a hypnotic spiral portal on its cover-art. The viewer seems to be trapped underwater, or above water, but upside down.

Check out her tour dates below:

You can listen to the first two released tracks of her album here:

Be sure to tune into this week’s episode of Freak Fridays. It’s the third episode, and I’m going to be featuring REZZ’s music. The video should be uploaded to my Facebook page, and posted on my channel by eight o’clock this evening.


Till next week,



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