Electric Forest Recap 2017

So there I was, the second night (first night of official music) of four at a festival nearly half way across the country, and completely exhausted already. The rain had started pelting as we strode into our camp, and I all but collapsed into my tent. It reminded me that I was a mere fragile garbage human a long way from home.

I missed a lot, but here’s a small selection of artists that I was impressed by.


He introduced himself, and told everyone that his first festival was Electric Forest when he was seventeen. He then proceeded to blow the crowd away with his unique flavor; a Persian trap style that truly booms. Most of what he plays is freestyle, too, as he utilizes his own nifty launchpad in a lap while sitting in a chair at the front of the stage for everyone to see. This video has a little Sum 41, and Fall out Boy that he was going off to.

Ganja White Night:

I’d never seen these guys, and then one night I did. Saturday night, during the first weekend of Electric forest, I witnessed the full fledged power of the bodacious bass brotherhood hailing from Brussels, Belgium. They specialize in dirty wobbles, and they simultaneously toast your brain with eye popping visuals. I’ve seen numerous videos of their unreleased track “No Escape” with Dirt Monkey, which is surely a crowd-pleaser. They dropped it at Eforest, but it is still unreleased, and impossible to find anywhere.

Space Jesus:

I’ve seen this feller a few times, (two this year at EForest), and he’s always quite on point with his befuddling brand of bass. This time he again brought his mom with him. Camp Bisco last year was the first time she had seen her son perform.

It’s just so weird, and syncopated, that it’s hard to wrap your brain around, and there’s always the possibility of some other ridiculous interjecting sound. It’s down-tempo bass with a twist of ze Space Jesuses.



Oh, yeah, Bassnectar was pretty good, too. And by pretty good I mean the best, but that’s just me getting too opinionated. He provided a wonderful collage of music; mixing it up with ambient down-tempo, and bangers. He also included a trade mark presentation of Bill Hick’s “It’s just a ride” bit, which he hasn’t played since Red Rocks last year. Major props to Wake An Bake on Youtube for all the high quality videos. Unfortunately the longer of his videos (fifty-one minutes) was removed for copyright infringement, but his video of the beginning of the set is still up, and I’ve linked it below.


See you tomorrow at 7PM EST for the second episode of my weekly vlog. I’ll be featuring a Barely Alive playlist, which I’ll link on my Soundcloud. Here’s a link to my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuNxDvUtoOhy8MPVNXF6oLg .


Cheers mates,



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