Basslantic City

“Do we go around to the front?” I said, tilting my head toward my companions, and a worried expression on my face. “Maybe it’s around to the front.”

It was nearly nine o’clock, and we weren’t at the show yet. It became apparent that we weren’t in the correct location. Apparently there was another venue to the northwest of us, and we were caught with a few other confused concert-goers stumbling back towards the hotel. We had forgotten to print our tickets. Ticket Master seems so often to have bar-code mobile accessible tickets, but they were unavailable for some reason. Meanwhile, an Uber driver was on his way to our hotel.

Julia and I came out the front of the Claridge Hotel just in time to hop into a taxi that Kyle was holding. We rushed over to the venue with Kyle chatting up the driver about Corolla models, as they both had one. I was feeling pretty bad that we had missed EPROM, the creation of Alexander Dennis, as I had intended to see him, but at least we were on our way now.

“I like to get the LE” he was saying, “that’s the standard model, right?”

“It’s actually the S-”

“SE!” Kyle said emphatically.

“Yes” replied the driver, and he went on to say exactly why he preferred it.

Before long we were there, and we would walk the distance on our return ventures; sticking with a herd of confused mammals clad in outrageous attire, oozing in giant amoeba-like formations.

The thing at hand was to get into the Atlantic City Convention Center. The first place we went was a visitor welcome center on the boardwalk. Walking in from the Uber now, we approached, and realized there was a hotel directly across from the venue.

The convention center features ninety foot tall ceilings in the atrium lobby area, along with five large fish sculptures by artist Jonathan Borofsky. We continued on up an escalator, and entered an exhibit hall. It was a large brightly lit room which would contain the line to get in. Past this line there was darkness, and it appeared at first as though the stage was relatively close. A double-take revealed the it was merely a logo on a curtain, and there was still yet another large room behind the one in view. It was an enormous space, and the bass shook the concrete floor. There were nearly twenty thousand people there each night by some estimates.

The production was next level with synchronized light shows on multiple mini-tron screens around the vast arena-like room. He played so many tracks that I couldn’t identify. This reddit comment seems to sum up the difference between this event, and basscenter quite nicely:

Droid017 22 points 3 months ago

Basslantic City: DJ Lorin plays a bunch of songs he likes with few recognizable Bassnectar tracks, throws the fuck down like he would before we was famous.

Basscenter: Bassnectar plays all the Bassnectar tracks you want to hear with select others he likes.

Let’s look at some set lists to check the verity of this statement. It’s truly incredible that people are able to reconstruct the entire set from memory, and with the help of recording devices.

Looking at the track lists it’s amazing just how much of the tracks he played I didn’t know. The second night on the whole seemed to be a bit more emotional, but then again, how could it not be when the event is coming to a close? We had a different group dynamic, as Kyle’s roommate Carter and his lady friend Paige joined us. I’m so happy to have met, and shared an awesome time with y’all. This group of friends seems to keep unraveling into a larger network.

Julia and I made our way over to the Hyatt to meet up with our friends a bit harried. The previous night, amid the ticket master debacle, I had somehow lost my printed out ticket for Saturday — I had mistakenly brought in one ticket for each night instead of two for Friday. It didn’t end up being an issue, however, because as reached the front of the line we calmly told the ticket guy we were going over to a ticket support booth, and casually strolled into the venue. That second night there were a lot more people in line. We managed to catch a little bit of Caspa, but I was disappointed to miss The Widdler.

In any case, despite the slip-ups and the missed sets, Bassnectar never disappoints. I look forward to seeing that long-haired alien again in Electric Forest next month with an even bigger squad!


See y’all in a jiff,







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