G Jones

Originally known as Grizzly J, Greg Jones has come into his own as a producer over the past few years. His breakthrough moment as an artist came just this past summer when he collaborated with Bassnectar on a track from Bassnectar’s album Unlimited entitled “Mind Tricks.” While his eighty-six thousand Soundcloud followers don’t exactly make him a superstar, he certainly isn’t an obscure artist anymore. In the future bass movement it wouldn’t be a stretch to call him a key player.

In an interview with Lost in Sound, Jones lists Daft Punk, Aphex Twin and Oizo as some of his initial influences. To date he has released several EPs: Nite School Klik;  The Strange EP in the Pit of my Harddrive; and Mind. All of those came by way of the label Liquid Amber, a label created by DJ Shadow. A quick look at the Liquid Amber creator’s biography reveals that Shadow, legally Josh Davis, is considered to be a key factor in the popularization of the experimental hip-hop style produced by Mo’ Wax, a London label coming into gusto in the late 90s. Davis had the opportunity to collaborate with the likes of Thom Yorke, Richard Ashcroft and Mike D as a producer for the group UNKLE. As the first protege to be featured on Shadow’s label, G Jones has a lot going for him in the way of credibility.

His first EP shows a natural affinity for hip-hop breaks, with rolling cymbals and big bass drum kicks, but experimental sounds are always present as well; he loves to include dissonant builds, which create a wall of sound and may have you looking out your window for a UFO. His EP with Bleep Bloop has cemented him as someone who is constantly on the frontier of bass music engineering. I am hoping that he will continue to collaborate with Bleep Bloop, as the two undoubtedly have a creative chemistry together. He recently toured with Jackal and Minnesota in 2014 resulting in a collaboration EP with Minnesota, Mile High Club.





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