October at the House of Blues Boston

Hey y’all,

This past month I’ve had the pleasure of attending a couple shows at the House of Blues in Boston. One was Zeds Dead with Ghastly, the other was Safe in Sound Festival. Though Safe in Sound was a blast with performances from Boombox Cartel, Terravita, Snails, and Borgore, I’d say the Zeds Dead show was more enjoyable.

Not to take away from those impressive performers at Safe in Sound, but I was honestly most excited for Terravita; a group I’ve rarely seen and who continues to impress with their unique style and grit.

Zeds Dead was showcasing several tracks from their now recently released album, Twin Shadows. Star Dust along with Blame and Frontlines, (which NGTMRE collaborated on),were some of my favorites, though they’ve also collaborated with the likes of Rivers Cuomo, Pusha T, Jadakiss, and Styles P.

I really enjoyed the performance that night, but the after party that night in the Foundation Room (located directly next door and above the main venue) was something special. The fella who gave us the pass to it was on the decks at first, but after an hour or less, guess who showed up? Ghastly. It was him in the flesh and I was standing directly in front of him. I exchanged a hi-five and a fist bump with him. I also ran to the bathroom during his set and noticed DC from Zeds Dead standing in a hallway across from the facilities. I went up and casually started a conversation with him. I bumbled a bit, asking if he was considering hopping on the decks himself, and if he had been noticed yet. He replied about being noticed, “well, you kinda just did,” and cooly disappeared down the hallway, bodyguard in-tow.

From my screen to yours,



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