Bass Center and Pretty Lights in NH!

Ok, so I drove across the country by myself.  It was pretty crazy.  It was slightly over two thousand miles; one way.  On the way out, I managed to make the trip in forty-three hours total, including the six hours I spent sleeping at a Super 8 Motel near Cleveland and the two hours I spent searching for that hotel (most of the hotels in the area were booked).  On the return journey, it took me over eighty hours including an extra night in a hotel (not subtracting or adding because of time zones).  This should show you how excited I was for the first Bass Center camping festival!  We camped from my friend’s apartment in Denver.  Friends from New Mexico stayed at a hotel that formed a sixty minute equilateral triangle between our place of respite and the venue.

Flying Lotus was the first performance that our crew was able to catch.  This was around seven.  He was entertaining, if a little bit chatty, some of us wanted him to shut up, but then he’d quickly lay down a wobbly, glitchy, bassy masterpiece.  Flux Pavilion was up next.  To my dismay, a friend of mine said he wasn’t excited for the set.  He didn’t really like Flux.  After this performance he did.


Flying Lotus being Flying Lotus

Meanwhile, we had inexplicably split up — some had gone to the floor.  I had a bleacher pass and roamed the crowd with a recently met friend, looking for some hula-hoopers I knew.  Flux played some new material, a lot of stand-by classics and some of his music from his recent album Tesla.  The next night I would find that it was incredibly easy to walk onto the floor of the stadium.  But, being in the stands had its benefits.  There were lots of friendly people and some who I made friends with.  All the way in the back directly in-front of the stage was also a supreme auditory depository.  The bass blasting was excellent there.  On the first night, Lorin dropped an extraordinarily large array of music.  Some of the tracks were rare.  It was difficult to find even youtube videos of live performances of them.



Flux Pavilion



Album cover for Tesla

When Bassnectar came on my friend was lured away by the mysterious bass rumblings of Lorin’s mystifying opening.  That was ok though, because I had my bass family that I had just met.  And, nestled amongst friends in a giant bass stadium was a great time.  He dropped “Down like Animals,” one of those rare tracks I spoke of.  Simultaneously, his crew was releasing inflatable animals all over the stadium.  In no time at all I was riding a zebra, draped in streamers.  I was joyfully whipping and slinging them.




The first night we ended up missing Minnesota — a fella well versed in spacey bass music.  This was because he was scheduled at about six o’clock, (which now that I’m writing seems a little ridiculous), but that’s early for a crew of bassheads who were excitedly discussing peculiar details of Lorin’s set that night until suddenly the sun was up.  Anyway, this happened to us again on Sunday.  G Jones, who collaborated with Lorin and Lafa Taylor for “Mind Tricks”  on Unlimited, Bassnectar’s new album, was in the early time slot and we missed him.  We also missed his afterparty set at Cervantes in Denver.  In our defense, it was hard to think of anything else after Lorin’s second night set (except for tacos).  A friend of mine did tell me, however, that the urinals in Cervantes were overflowing from the bass at G Jones’ and Minnesota’s afterparty.  We did see Wu-Tang Clan, though.  I’ve heard tell that they aren’t anything to fuck with.


Experiencing Bassnectar from a slightly closer vantage point now, I was with the squad on the right side facing the stage, about a hundred yards from it.  Some people I spoke with after the show felt that the energy wasn’t the same the second night.  It was definitely different, but it was “crazier.”  Lorin dug deep.  It was obvious he had paid excruciating attention to his set selection and his unmatched visuals, (displayed on giant LED screens behind him), referred to by bassheads simply as, “the vid.”

In this, the digital age, there are so many incredible videos documenting this event.  Visions of crazed bass heads, excitedly discussing the set list came to my head.  It was happening between all of my friends.  Some took it to a more intense level.  One basshead was attempting to compile a set list for the tracks played in between sets, (like when nobody was on stage,) for reasons perhaps they may only ever know.  Check out a few of these.  For “Basshead,” just before this clip, Lorin “dooped” “Basshead” with his own voice before dropping it.  He says, “I tried my best,” and proceeds to drop the bass.  Clip also features his track with G Jones, “Mind Tricks.”

I’m very jealous of this guy’s position in the crowd.  He shot the entire show.  Here’s Blast Off from Timestretch ft. Jantszen.

The real reason I’m probably so pumped about this is actually because he hypnotized us.  No, like actually.


So Pretty Lights in New Hampshire was pretty great, too.  It was only an hour and a half drive, which seemed too good to be true after the absurd hours I’ve put in on the road this summer.  It was at the Bank of NH Pavilion in Gilford, NH!  I only went to night one due to a certain small doge.  They had some extremely tight and intense security (I bet some of those guys play arena football).  I unfortunately didn’t check the schedule and arrived at about eight-thirty.  I only got to see PL, missing Tipper to my despair.  PL was great, though!  For a good portion of his set we were in front of the stage off to the left.  There was a big open space directly in-front of the stage and a friend and I started to head into it only to realize it was the VIP area.  So instead, we stood a few more feet to the left.  He had a band of a drummer, keyboard player and guitar player with him.  He played a lot of new and beautiful material, but also played a few classics.  No “Finally Moving,” as I would have hoped, but he did play “I Can See it in your Face.”  At the campground, I ran into a familiar face from Camp Bisco — always a pleasure to see people from that godforsaken event.

Craziness!  Much love to everyone I met and hope to see you soon in the future at more bass necker events.  Don’t forget to like, comment, share, subscribe!

Follow my instructions,



It’s Friday, July 29th, just outside Denver in Commerce City.  Residents, who may have forgotten the incredible deal they got on their real estate, are shocked to hear a steady rumbling.  Perhaps there’s an undiscovered fault line running beneath our homes?  Or maybe it’s just that concert down the way at Dick’s Field.

Yes, Bass Center was mistaken for an earthquake.




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