Electric Forest

Hey y’all,

Coming to you from a laptop in New Hampshire now.  Electric Forest was a journey of epic proportions.  It was the farthest either Steve or I had traveled by car before.  We had to travel a planned route that was nearly half-way across the country and is said to take fourteen and one half hours by google maps.  This, however, is very unrealistic.  Especially when accounting for stops for groceries and materials, as well as toilet emergencies.  Each way ended up taking twenty hours.  That being said, it was totally worth it (LOL).  We had ample time to enjoy ourselves because of Electric Forest’s extra day.  Instead of a measly three days, we got four.  All of Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Which was good, at least until the drive started to draw near.

We were supposed to pick up my friend Andrew in Cleveland and go meet a group we would camp with at a Walmart about a half hour from the entrance.  This didn’t quite happen, though (sorry, guys).  We set up camp and checked our location, though, and we were a mere five hundred feet from where they were!

The festival grounds themselves were gorgeous.  I definitely saw why it has become so popular.  The grounds drag from open stage and vendor grounds right up to Sherwood Forest; the forest also had a couple of stages and numerous performances (healing garden looked awesome).  The grounds were strung out rather than flayed out a bit more, but the walks from one end to the other weren’t terrible.  The last couple of days I would find an excuse to stay on the forest side, or at Tripolee (entrance stage).

So, I’m happy that I’ll be going to Camp Bisco because I have yet to see Mija, though I’ve had opportunities.  She was just a little bit too early for me to get going, though I should have been able.  I was stuck in a kind of reptilian state when I should have been over there.  I would try to delay people going over to the grounds for as long as possible because if I was over there too long, I’d find that I’d be pushing close to the point of exhaustion — barely able to walk, considering the mud for a nap.  Anyway, it was so nice to have a contingent not willing to let someone take a nap in the mud.

It seemed like at Electric Forest, more so than Mysteryland, there was a caring and safe environment.  I saw more medics at Electric Forest just ambling about, enjoying the atmosphere than at Mysteryland, where they seemed to be at least occupied at all times.  Then again, this could have been due to the environment.  A lot more shade was afforded in Sherwood Forest than in Bethel Woods.

For performances I was impressed by a number of artists who I hadn’t heard before.  Our crew went to see a show in the Forest at the Observatory stage, which featured felt lined bleachers and benches to the side of the stage.  Stephen was playing and he was phenomenal.  He played several instruments and between tunes he’d give motivational life advice.  Bleep Bloop was also great.  Awesome name.  If you didn’t guess already he’s a wobbly fella.  That was unfortunately the show where we saw a young man start seizing at Tripolee stage.  Everyone moved quickly to make sure he was taken care of.  Justin Martin played before Getter and was very impressive.

Saturday was my favorite night.  With Justin Martin before Getter being great, then Getter, then Bassnectar.  Then we went over to Flosstradamus until three am.  I am so happy to have found more people to share future music adventures with.  Please share some memories.

^One of the tracks during Lo’s set where I was like, “what even is this?” :-0





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