Hey y’all,

Just got back from my very first Electric Forest this morning around seven.  The trip took about twenty hours one way.  The past few weeks have been quite busy for me.  Two weeks ago I was just returning from Mysteryland in Bethel, NY.  Last week I had just gotten back from a swim camp in Maryland and today I just returned from Rothbury, MI.  This post will be entirely devoted to my experience at Mysteryland, though I will quickly follow it up with a post about Electric Forest.

I went to the first Mysteryland USA a couple years ago, but was unable to attend last year, so I was pleased to make another visit.  The old site of the original Woodstock Music Festival is a spacious and serene setting for such an event.  Despite telling my mother otherwise (sorry, mom), I was going to be attending this year’s Mysteryland alone.  However, the night before the festival, on which I was to be departing, I received several messages from my friend Nick suggesting that he was interested in accompanying me.  I really didn’t think he would go (sorry, Nick), but was pleasantly surprised when I received a snapchat of a sullen looking Nick, perhaps realizing the gravity of his action, saying he’d just purchased a ticket.  Oh, what a time was had.

One of the things Mysteryland event organizers have done well is set up multiple campsites.  Instead of one camping location, there are two.  This drastically cuts down on waiting time.  However, as opposed to the offsite Lander’s Park, the “Holy Grounds,” as they are called, or the onsite camping, isn’t located directly next to the parking lot.  Or I thought it would be, but not quite.  Instead we had to hoof it about a mile with all of our possessions over less than flat terrain.  This wouldn’t be too problematic save for one main obstacle — a wheel-less cooler.  The thing damn-near made my arms fall off.  Or, at least for as long as I could carry it (I proceeded to kick it along the pavement).  Apart from this, I don’t have many complaints.

Nick had some wonderful people that he knew, and some he didn’t, that we ended up sharing a campsite with.  Before this festival I hadn’t really been part of a big group (more than five).  I would say there are definitely more pros than cons to this!

Splurt kicked off the festivities Friday night in the campsite just as we were arriving.  Despite my efforts, it was a bit hard to rally the troops this early on.  I got a few people to come over, but felt bad there weren’t more people at his stage.  Still was a great set, though.  I will need to try to get a hold of the set-list.

I was very pleased with the quality of performances on the whole.  I saw a few artists who I hadn’t seen before and very much enjoyed (G Jones, Black Tiger Sex Machine), though I did miss Mija, who I was aching to see.  Gesaffelstein was incredible, and creepy, as expected.  Floozies were a great way to start of Saturday evening.  Griz, Zeds Dead and Bassnectar all were amazing.  They all played some type of 60s throwback (I believe both Griz and Bassnectar had a Jimi Hendrix remix).  Electric Forest post up soon!

^Apparently one of these dudes, (maybe two), was wandering around in the Electric Forest

Much Love,






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