I wanted to write a post about Mija, a young female artist (twenty-four years old) on the rise in the electronic scene.  Originally from Phoenix, AZ Amber Giles started off with electronic after abandoning singing, promoting raves at the age of seventeen.  She started gaining some acclaim in 2014 after performing with Skrillex.  She is known for her dyed hair, which she started when she first became involved with the electronic scene.  She prefers her hair sea foam green.


A hipster of sorts, Giles booked Skrillex before he was a superstar.  She started djing full time at the age of nineteen in Phoenix playing oddball gigs.  She produces in a vast multitude of styles and is known her anti-genre proclivities.  Her music is a vibrant collage of synths and a steady driving percussion section.  I feel like I’m in an alternate, happy universe while listening to her music.

She is best known for her remix of DJ Snake’s “Middle,” a collaborative track with Ghastly and Lil Jon, as well as a remix of Major Lazer’s “B2GETHER.”  She also put a spin on Diplo’s “Biggie Bounce” with Ghastly.  Her strength as an artist seems to produce a “chill vibe” track.  And I mean by this that they’re the types of songs you’ll want on your playlist while you’re cruising to and around the beach.

Her ability to score such an impressive list of collaborators undoubtedly has contributed to her recent success, but these are not without merit.  She displays quite a bit of talent and, more impressively, a unique flare in her sound.  Do yourself a favor and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @hi_mija and like her Facebook page.  I’m really excited to be seeing her this summer at Mysteryland in a few days and Electric Forest later in the month!





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