With Mysterland a mere eighteen days away, I wanted to take a look at an artist who will be making his festival debut, Splurt Zillionz.  Splurt is the creation of Jonathan Zurbel, an internet phenomenon and self-proclaimed “meme lord.”  He is very good at creating memes and cyber sayings and is responsible for many of the the catchy phrases seemingly birthed from the ether of the interwebs.  He has also, of late, created a more personal instagram account, Splurttech, which showcases some of his own gadgets, as well as those pulled from elsewhere.  His cat, a giant Mainecoon named Samson is also gaining some internet stardom.  He goes by Catstradamus (after Flosstradamus of course) on Instagram.

splurt zillionz

According to an article he did with EDM Sauce, he’s been mixing reggae and drum and bass music since the early 90’s.  Recently he has worked as Major Lazer’s media manager after meeting Wes Pentz (Diplo).  In the quickly developing drum and bass scene in the US in the late 90’s he was a major player.  He ended up getting a record deal with Virgin EMI in Finland, working in Sweden, and traveling back and forth between there and the US.  He had a hit record the summer of 2001.  Splurt is his reaction to feeling pushed around by record labels and friends — it was Zurbel’s way to reclaim his artistic sovereignty.

Splurt is perhaps best known musically for his track OMW2SYG, an acronym for “on my way to steal your girl,” a phrase he coined and one that’s made its way onto license plates across the country.  He also shot a music video for the song in which he appears as “the booty burglar” and with another notable internet celebrity, Josh Ostrovsky aka The Fat Jew, in ass-less chaps.  He released the track on the Mad Decent label.

Splurt will be performing the first night of Mysterland, June 10.  He’s scheduled for MXT pop-up.  He will, in actuality, be on the campgrounds in the bed of a Red Bull truck where his stage will be located.  Hope to see you there!  Check out his road to Mysteryland mix on his soundcloud page and don’t forget to follow him on instagram @splurt, @splurttech and @catstradamus for fluffy Mainecoon pics.

Swiggity Swooty,



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