Suh Dudes

With the explosion of the phrase “suh dude,” I decided to take a look at the original dudes of suh.  The phrase has become one of the most popular sayings among today’s youth, sweeping the nation in a stoked frenzy.  It all started when friends and relative celebrities Nick Colletti, known as “the king of vines,” and Tanner Petulla, who performs under the DJ name Getter, filmed a silly video of them saying “suh dude,” bringing to mind scenes from the 2000 comedy Dude Where’s My Car?  The video, which can be viewed below, has now been seen nearly four million times.

Only twenty-three years of age, Petulla, who signed with Datsik’s label Firepower Records in 2012, seems to be coming into his own.  He just came out with a merchandise line, Trippy Burger, in 2015 inspired by his music video “Head Splitter,” also nearing four million views.  The track, featuring Getter’s signature blend of robotic wobbles and slaps and the “ratatat” of 808 cymbals, syncs up nicely with a video of Petulla wandering through the streets of LA after consuming a questionable burger.

The first I heard of Getter was last year about the time that I was getting ready to go to Camp Bisco.  His Nest HQ mix was a pleasure to listen to, alternating between his dissonant, but well blended robot sounds, EDM pop, and contemporary hip-hop.  He featured artists like Flux Pavillon, Rusko, Datsik, Excision and mixed them among lesser known acts like Barely Alive, Alison Wonderland, Bear Grillz, Haunta, and Hecka — the full tracklist can be found on his wikipedia page.  He also threw Drake in the mix with his recent, at the time, jam “Know Yourself,” providing a nice break from the wobbles.

I have a lot of fun listening to his LP I Want More in all its craziness.  It’s really some impressive production and he has undoubtedly progressed since he released this in 2013.  I have yet to have the chance to see him live, but this summer that will change.  He’ll be performing at Electric Forest!  I’m very excited to see the “Suh Dude” himself, but it would be unfair to give him all the credit.

Nick Colletti, who seems to be one of Petulla’s best friends, deserves perhaps even more credit.  With nearly two billion loops and almost two million followers on vine, Nick certainly helped with the video becoming viral.  Be sure to check him out in his vine videos on youtube, and follow him on vine, if you’re in need of a good chuckle.

So far I’ve gotten a decent amount of people to take a peek at my blog, yet no one has given me a like or a comment.  I WOULD BE SO HAPPY IF SOMEONE DID.





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