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I figured with the recent passing of 4/20, the sacred day of the stoner, I’d take a deeper look at one of my favorite music duos Flosstradamus — a group that Westword recognizes as “synonymous with the cannabis community.”  As some of you may know, they hosted a concert on 4/20 at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado.  They also have Snails, Valentino Khan, and the recently renamed Chill Harris performing with them.  I am hoping that, as I gain readership, a member of HDYNATION will enlighten us all as to the time that was had.

Over the past couple of years, Red Rocks has imposed new restrictions on decibel limits in a direct reaction to the rise in popularity of EDM shows.  Limitations were first set in place for the year 2013 after complaints of nearby residents started to pick up.  These restrictions were amended in both 2014 and 2015.  Despite some speculation by none other than the almighty bass lord himself, Lorin Ashton, that the venue would be a bust in 2016 due to further restrictions, this has luckily not come to fruition.  According to the Denver post, one of the key changes involved limiting the decibel level for “entire performances, not just late hours.”

Though this is somewhat troubling considering Red Rocks has long been hailed as one of the most spectacular outside venues in the nation, it seems to have not dampened the will of artists to book shows at the venue.  HDYFEST is an example of this.  Anyone familiar with the music cannot deny that volume plays a certain role in the enjoyment of Flosstradamus and Snails’ music, and I’m sure Valentino Khan’s, though I have not experienced this personally.  From what I have seen, it appears to have been an enjoyable show, which to me shows that the sound restrictions didn’t make all that much of a difference.  Again, I will wait for a personal testimony on this point.


J2K (left) and Autobot

Flosstradamus is a trap duo hailing from Chicago comprised of Josh Young aka J2K and Curt Cameruci aka Autobot.  The two talk of starting DJing as a hobby and later meeting up with each other sometime in 2004.  In 2005 Flosstradamus was formed.  Josh Young paved the way for his sister, Kid Sister, who started into the music business, seeing it as a better way to provide for herself.  She is the artist rapping on the Rusko hit “Pro Nails” that I was my portal into the dubstep realm.

Known for their eclectic mix of southern hip hop and electronic influences, Flosstradamus has been making a name for itself since 2006 when they were included in URB’s “Next 100.”  One of the more sensational bits of their history is a response to what happened in 2012 at Chicago’s West Fest.  According to the Chicago Police, who banned them from the 2013 Mad Decent Block Party in Chicago, Flosstradamus got the crowd too hyped up, nearly causing a riot.  This provided inspiration for several following mixtapes titled Banned — Banned, Banned 2, Banned 3D.

floss banned

The first time I saw the duo was in the summer of 2013 at Camp Bisco.  Their remix of Major Lazer’s “Original Don,” and Bauuer’s remix of their “Roll up” are the two tracks that stand out to me from that festival.  The ones that kept my head bobbing in the following months and fueled my need to experience them again.  And I would soon.  Shortly after, in September, I was lucky enough to be able to attend Boston Calling.  Observing the security guard’s slightly disgruntled visages while “Piss Test” blared into downtown Boston gave me insight into the Chicago Police Department’s decision to ban them earlier that summer.

More than ignorant and thuggish, Flosstradamus preaches inclusiveness.  In their video detailing the organization of the premier HDYFEST and the growth of HDYNATION, they talk about bringing everyone together.  Check it out and feel free to leave me some feedback.  They leave me impressed with their commitment to do more than the status quo in terms of live performances as well as their deep and unwavering connection to their loyal fanbase via the interwebs.

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