The Revival

Hi people,

I’m just now recovered enough from Saturday night to write a post (originally wrote this part on Tuesday).  I would have written it at work, but I’m actually pretty busy compiling yet another recruiting list.  We will have sent out 2500 recruit letters after this batch.  Anyway, Saturday night’s show was phenomenal.  Like I said, hadn’t seen any of these guys before.  Over the summer I just missed seeing Loudpvck because of traffic into Atlantic City.

Nearly every time I go to a show, I’m reminded of how awesome they are.  The power of extremely loud music and a crowded dance floor is immense.  Total and complete freedom of expression is possible and I jiggled my heart out.  At one point during Loudpvck, I was moshing with some bros and pushed over a guy in a dog costume!  I quickly pulled him up and apologized and we hugged, “you’re good” he said, and the moshing continued.  Loudpvck dropped a Prodigy “Serial Killer” remix among other standards like their own original “Tony.”  Jauz brought a lot of energy as well, with his wobbly grime.  I suppose he went next to try to be on stage for the peak of the crowd’s energy.  That was smart because I ended up leaving before the conclusion of Ghastly, completely shot, at about 3:20.  They all came on stage together, though, which was cool, and I did jiggle to Ghastly’s housey, future bass for a good while.  DC was the last stop of Jauz’ tour.  I whipped back to Chestertown making it to my bed by 5:00.  I was a little late for my swim lesson at 10:00 the next day, among other things.


I’m very happy to know about this music and have it to lean on.  My first year in college, I was lucky enough to have a roommate who I had met on my recruiting trip.  We were both swimmers and both shared a love of electronic.  In fact, we’re going to Electric Forest together this year.  We talked a bit on Facebook, sharing Quasimoto (the rapper) videos, getting a kick out of his eccentric, high-pitched voice uttering absurdities.  This was just a prelude to a bigger introduction, however.

This came via another Andrew, though the first Andrew was also versed in the wobbly ways of Bassnectar.  He (Lorin Ashton) was particularly prolific in these days and so it was easy to ride the wave that he was producing.  Mesmerizing the Ultra wasn’t far gone and he came out with Underground Communications and then Cozza Frenzy and Timestretch in quick succession the following year.  I spent many a night immersed in the beautiful soundscapes of Bassnectar during my first year and a half at Alfred, which eventually and inevitably led to me seeing him live in action.

The Almighty Bass Lord

I am infinitely indebted to the awesome folks who I shared my first couple of years at school with.  We spent many an hour on the forlorn dirt roads of Alfred, blasting beats and slinging dirt, rolling on down the road.  Getting lost, or trying to and believing that we were, was exhilarating.  We became familiar with the minute details and nuances of our daily routes and would race our cars faster and faster, pushing the limits of safety (one winter I got my car stuck on a certain seasonal highway).  That sense of adventure and flat out ballsyness is something that I’m nostalgic for and missing in my current routine, mundane everyday kinda deal right now.

Some of the most inspiring beats of this time came from Rusko, Caspa, Coki, Benga, Babylon System, Noah D — the dubstep boom was incredible in the fall of 2009.  One day we put up Benga and Coki’s “Night” video up on our roommate’s projector and watched the electrical, pulsating giant squid maneuver the depths of an unknown ocean with awe.

^If I had to point to one track that sparked the dubstep explosion (in my circles)

Please share with me a memory or story of your first years in college and an artist who had a deep and lasting impact on you from this period in your life– Would love to hear!