The Dark Ages

Hey y’all,

I had a little extra time at the end of my workday and just wanted to reach out to all of you.  I like this blog thing that I can just come on and write a bunch of stuff on — it’s pretty great.  So, figured I would continue with my life experiences with music.  My plan over the next few posts is to get through these and then start to comment on music that I’m currently listening to a bit.  I’m also going to see Jauz, Ghastly, and Loudpvck tomorrow night at Echostage, DC, so I’ll let everyone know how that goes.  Very excited to see these guys for the first time.

Transitioning to middle school was quite jarring.  Going to a different school in a different town and getting used to a lot of things is enough to put any young whippersnapper in a daze.  Anywho, I remember Linkin Park came out with their album Hybrid Theory that fall and all us kids were getting so alternative.  I started acting out and going to an intervention room with the other hellions.  One of my friends got in trouble for throwing people’s garbage all over their yard on the way back from school and another almost got killed by some young guy in a mustang because he faked getting hit by it (hit the back fender with his hand as it went by) — I still remember the kid yelling at him, trying to spit on him, and the dribble running down his chin.  Then I moved.

^Apparently one of the most viewed youtube videos.

Moving at this age was quite difficult on me to be honest.  I think mostly because middle school age children are an awful breed of creature, but also because I had to make friends with these terrible creatures.  Eventually I did and things were slightly better.  I remember bonding over games like bloody knuckles!  Wow, what a great game!  We’d play during breaks underneath a wooden table in the back of our homeroom during breaks.  At lunch we played on the tables until one day a rather gruesome punishment was given out.  Blood sprayed all over the table right in front of the lunch chaperone!

I have middle school dance song memories that bookmark my time from sixth to ninth grade.  My first dance at Portsmouth middle school was the first time I heard “Get Low” by Lil’ John ft. Ying Yang Twins — incredible.  On our eighth grade trip to Washington DC we had a dance on a tour boat that was docked.  That was the first time I heard “Yeah” by Usher.  I remember my friend Alex lying in bed after the dance saying “yeah, yeah, yeah” and thrusting.

But yeah, not too much electronic music discovery during this time period for me.  I was actually more interested in listening to Blink 182, Red Hot Chili Peppers, or Guster.  By the time I reached high school, I would actually resent the punk alt. rock in favor of hip hop, but soon would trade in both for a less subtle mode.

When I went to Berwick Academy my spirit went into a kind of survival mode.  I had avoided being sent to St. Thomas, a strict Catholic high school, but had still landed in a private school where I knew my life would be under varying lenses of scrutiny.  I think for this reason and because of the encouragement of my new group of friends, I took to metal.  I think I had heard Metallica before on the radio and some other hard-driving groups like Marilyn Manson and had thoroughly enjoyed it.  Perhaps I came upon this affinity a little bit more easily because of my previous experience and enjoyment of The Prodigy’s music.

Anyway, that hard, driving, really angry stuff was great as a hormonal teenager and I still enjoy going back to it every now and then.  Slayer, Megadeth, Metallica, Behemoth, Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom, The Black Dahlia Murder, were some of my favorites.  I think this is why it was such an easy transition in to electronic music.  In many ways, they are very similar genres.  Energy is of the utmost importance in either as well as creating suspense and playing off of that with dynamics.  Towards the end of high school I did start to get into a little electronic again, but it was more of a joke.

^This is awesome for the same reasons the orcs in LOTR are.

“Darude – Sandstorm,” when anyone ever asks a track ID.  But yeah, I was into Darude a little bit.  His music videos are hilarious.  He was kind of a less annoying Basshunter.  Go watch his video for “Feel the Beat” on youtube — yeah, pretty damn cool, albeit in a douchey euro-techno guy way, but hey, that’s who he is.  No, but his song “Ecstacy” [sic] is incredible.  That was one of the tracks that I got really pumped about because it seemed to be a continuation of a genre that I was coming to know.  This is the genre I would later define as “That Nutty Shit,” but was basically just my own tastes for freaky beats.

^Essential to have a scooter on deck for easy access to the whip.

Ok, next post I will be taking a look into my transition into college as well as giving y’all a recap of my adventure at Echostage.  What other types of music are you into, or have you been into?  What songs pulled you towards electronic music (if any)?  Are you going to any shows soon?  Middle school/high school memories?  Hope to hear from you soon, fam.


Much love,



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