Start of a Journey

Hey everyone,

The reason that I’m starting this blog, in part, is a fellow named Ramsay Taplin who is a famous blogger —  He has an article, “The Penultimate Guide to Making Money with Paid Content Writing,” which was pretty phenomenal.  He is pretty much the same age as me (he’s twenty-seven, I’m twenty-six) and has sold blogs for five figure amounts.  I don’t presume I’ll make anywhere close to that amount, as he is undoubtedly more intelligent and savvy than myself, but I was convinced I should still start one because it will be a centerpiece.  It is essential to have a mass, working bit of content up to showcase your abilities.  Ramsay also talks about how blogs attract jobs offers and can be used as leverage, especially when successful, which is very appealing to a young man like me trying to do something new.

But I was kind of trying to start a blog anyway.  I wanted a way to work on my writing and this will be fantastic in that regard.  I also have a great desire to share my story and use it as a way to inquire about other people’s thoughts and ideas.  I’ve realized that this will be a good networking tool and a way of communicating with people on a regular basis about things that I enjoy communicating about.

In the posts that follow, I hope to chronicle my journey through life by my experiences with and exposure to electronic musics.  My goal is to prepare myself for a career change and also to ready myself for this summer when I’ll be going to four music festivals.  I will strive to produce articles with lucid detail and recall some of my favorite tunes from each period of my life.  Welcome everyone, I hope y’all enjoy your stay and can share your experiences with me too.  I’d love to hear them.  I’ll be putting in a couple of probe questions at the end of each post to spark some discussion.  Hope to hear from you soon.





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